Mohammad-Hossein Shahriar – Hail to Haydar Baba (1 / 61-64)

Posted: 26 April 2012 in Mohammad-Hossein Shahriar

I Part

61 Haydar Baba, what is Amir Haydar doing?
Surely his samovar must still be on the boil?
He must be old and has lost his teeth
His ears hardly hear and his eyes have sunk in his eyebrows,
Poor aunty, it must make her sad!

62 Khanum aunty used to pull a face,
When she heard Mir Abdul speaking,
And swear that ‘Azrael take him’
They mixed their quarrel with jokes,
Had their dinner and went to bed afterwards.

63 Fizia Khanum was the flower of Khoshkanab,
Amir Yahya was the cousin’s favourite,
Rukhsara was like an actress and popular,
Sayyid Hussein makes fun of Mir Saleh,
Amir Jafar becomes upset and starts quarrelling.

64 Early morning the shephards came,
Collected lambs and sheep from the houses,
While aunty tended her babies,
The smoke rose from the bread ovens,
With the sweet smell of hot bread.


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