Mohammad-Hossein Shahriar – Hail to Haydar Baba (1 / 37-40)

Posted: 17 April 2012 in Mohammad-Hossein Shahriar

I Part

37 Cousin Shuja’s gift from Baku,
His setting up the Samovar and chatting on the roof,
I remember his tall and handsome appearance.
His death turned his wedding into mourning,
The fortune mirror of Nana Giz became blurred.

38 Haydar Baba, the eyes of Nana Giz,
Rakhshanda’s very sweet words,
I wrote in Turkish so they can read,
They ought to know that man passes, only name remains,
Only a taste remains from good and bad.

39 Before spring the sun is far off,
The village children loved playing snowball,
The snow shoveller shovels snow from the roofs,
As if my soul is still there
Like a partridge fallen down and remained in the snow.

40 When Granny stretched out her spinning wheel,
And the sun spun its cotton in the cloud,
When the aged wolf lost its teeth.
The herd rose and leaped over the other road,
The milk bowls overflowed with milk.


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