Mohammad-Hossein Shahriar – Hail to Haydar Baba (1 / 9-12)

Posted: 10 April 2012 in Mohammad-Hossein Shahriar

I Part

9 Ashig apples from Shangulava village,
Staying there as a guest now and then,
Throwing stones at the apple and quince trees,
All have stayed in my memory like sweet dreams!
Have left traces in my soul and whole being!

10 Haydar Baba the geese of Guri lake,
The musical melody of the wind at twisted highways,
The summer and autumn seasons of the village,
Are like moving pictures in front of my eyes!
I sit and watch them within myself!

11 Haydar Baba, Gara Chiman’s Road,
The sound of pilgrims’ reciting,
May all the troubles of Karbala pilgrimers
Fall in the eyes of the greedy ones,
We are misled by the lies of ‘civilization’!

12 Haydar Baba, Satan has misled us!
Has dug love out of our hearts,
Has dictated to us the fate of dark days!
Has turned the people against each other!
Friendship is drowned in blood!


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