Mohammad-Hossein Shahriar – Hail to Haydar Baba (1 / 5-8)

Posted: 09 April 2012 in Mohammad-Hossein Shahriar

I Part

5 Haydar Baba may you be fortunate!
Be surrounded with springs and orchards!
May you live long after us!
The world is paved with events, deaths and losses!
This world has long been childless and an orphan!

6 Haydar Baba my way differed from yours,
Life passed, I could not come until late!
I could not learn what happened to your beautiful ones,
Did not know there were perilous paths,
Losses, separations and death.

7 Haydar Baba good sons are faithful,
Life passes, regrets are wasteful,
Disloyal sons won’t live long,
Believe me we have never forgotten you,
Forgive us if we failed to see you.

8 Haydar Baba when Mir Azhdar calls for pilgrimage,
And the village is filled with busy noise,
While Ashig Rustam played his saz,
Do you remember how with such enthusiasm we used to run?
Flapping like winged birds to fly?


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