FUZULI – Layla and Majnun

Posted: 09 February 2012 in FUZULI

Herein is set forth the Explanation of the Writing of the Book, and the
Date when the Door that led to this Result was first opened.

O travelling pen, split reed, now wom to naught,
O fellow traveller not vainly sought,
With growing effort, keeping still thy pace,
Thou reachest now thy final resting place.
God’s sweet compassion on thee in thy need,
For all thy proffered help was help indeed,
And now the ancient building lives again,
And prospers, sadly born of grievous pain.
With silvered tears the outer walls are built.
The inner spread with ambergris and gilt.
The treasured jewels of sweet affliction rest
Within its fast secured chest.
Each window opens as a channel clear
Through which the blood is cooled in passing near.
A garden sweet is now in beauty made
Within its bosom thousand tulips laid,
While of the thousand, each one fiercely bums
As still the heart’s consuming blood fast turns
To sweet abundant streams that succour bring
While all the lovely eyelashes may sing
In cloudy unison, bestowing tears
To see how Death all earthly sorrow clears.
That day that saw the end of my desire,
That tempted me thus feebly to aspire
To join with Leyla Mejnun’s mighty name
In magic verses, that the world might claim
A masterpiece of love made manifest
In showing still these lovers, nobly blessed,
Saw love at last, as constant as the sun,
In life though parted, dead they ruled as ONE.


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