FUZULI – Layla and Majnun

Posted: 29 January 2012 in FUZULI

Herein is set forth the Ode recited by Mejnun.

The world which seems a prosperous City fair
Is but a waste to those beyond the world:
Yet mid the waste, mid all its foetid air
The mighty treasure of all health is curled.

So wise the image worshipper, so high
In self esteem his imitation stays:
That we who know Reality’s sad sigh
Know how in ignorance he spends his days.

Those lacking knowledge deem the world a drink
Of easeful comfort: we, the doctors, know
For we have filled the cup e’en to its brink,
And drunken, knowing blood will only flow.

We know possession of the world’s estate
Proves nothing fruitful, be he young or old.
Time was they thought that Suteyman the Great
Owned all-But Suleyman has long been cold!

Fuzuli! Thou hast named as things apart
And separate: the wineshop and the place
Of worship: we who thought thy wit and art
Were great, now hide the shamed, deceived face.


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