FUZULI – Layla and Majnun

Posted: 31 December 2011 in FUZULI
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Herein is set forth the Poem sent by Mejnun to his Father.

When I saw the vast meadows of love. I abandoned all soundness of
That is sent by the gods up above, of all their sweet gifts most unkind.
Seek not now to look on my face. alone let me stay with disgrace,
Blame not, o advisor of youth, good excuse can be found for my place.
Seek not to prevent if my collar is rent, No garment of shame my dress:
The desert’s hot sand I now understand
Is the home where I hide my distress.
No slave of the dark from now on, for, hark!
A seeker am I after light,
To sickness of mind should my thoughts be inclin’d
The choice never mine for my plight.

Affliction in love, and the care of my love, I ne’er will surrender: my needs
Encompass not Paradise, ascetic soul, or huris that dance o’er the
Observe my delight in her ringleted curls, the curve of her brow gives me pleasure,
With China’s great Emperor, Fagfur, vie, or Chosroes,*3 rejoicing
at leisure.
The aim of all life is to make a great name: mine shall last till the
mountains dissolve:
Fuzuli! Rejoice? I am famous, but mad! To be mad, drunk with love
my resolve.


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