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Posted: 10 December 2011 in FADIL OKTAY
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nowadays unripe grapes ripen in distant vineyards
there are winegrowers with their torn faces of sun
women having big bodies have chanted lilts and
masters have the children with chapped lips labored
yet you may be loving yourself in somewhere
and smearing toffee apples on your aimless lips
crocuses have been nicely suited your snowy neck
one who is familiar with you giggles near you bar none

I recognize your legs wherever they are
many women are hidden in your patella
wear floral dresses let the moon shine on your skin
the whistle of sword is the moment you disrobed
we both having eternized slant eyed dalliance
your most secret one resembles girls unexplored
carob trees get sturdy whenever see you
afternoon winds do come through your breath

whatever comes from your mouth is welcome
we could get along no matter where we go
there’s an excellent salted sea in your arms
one can pass thru your eyes another sky
you fling stones at the sun for this loneliness
I shoot at myself under linden trees
you cry, a tender ballad roams the lakes in dawn

you’re just like the huge birds hushin’ in midnight.

one could migrate to another sky thru your eyes
it is possible to migrate to another sky thru your eyes


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