LEYLA SAHIN – Swallow Star

Posted: 08 December 2011 in LEYLA SAHIN
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Letter 5

Together all the eyes of cloud inside me weep

I am deep into nights, pains and agonies

for days I’m reading bachmann: “stringent time”s
more stringent, near days on the way ahead,

a leaf stirs at night I would rush to embrace your shoulders
I’d cut line, embroider stars out of darkness…

A great life of begetting at my hands
detachments stand out of importance

Our children, our books, our dreams on slaughter
If so, even death wouldn’t have any significance
right now come!

Boats coming from those mountains,
their funnels are white, their fume’s blue…
they lean against the bosom of a rose only there
falling into water,
the drop of rain in my hand gets wet

I am the morning in your eyes, not leaving

Leyla Sahin [b. 1954] worked for various daily newspapers after completing her high school education. She writes lyrical poetry which at times assumes epic dimensions. Her major poetry collections include Kirlangic Yildizi [Swallow Star / 1989], Camagaci Iyi Bekle Annemi [Pine Tree, Guard Mom Well / 1991] and Ati Dusunmek [Thinking of the Horse / 1996].


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