Posted: 28 November 2011 in SEYH GALIP
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You are my lord. If I have some credit in the world, it comes from you.
If I have some fame among lovers, it comes from you.

You are the plenitude of my life, my soul and my spirit
If there is some gain on the capital of my life, it comes from you.

The color of your beauty gives reality to this imagined form
If there is spring in the rose garden of my dream, it comes from you.

I have suffered no atom of pain at the hands of fate
O bright sun, if I moan and weep, it comes from you.

You are the candle of union, I the moth of your flame
If I yearn every night to kiss and embrace, it comes from you.

I have become a martyr of your low, my breast is a tulip bed of wounds
If there is a lamp on my grave, a candle in my tomb, it comes from you.

One who sees my aimless turning might take me for the desert whirlwind
I am nothing within nothing, if I have any being, it comes from you.

While I was your rolling pearl, why did you let me go astray?
If my dust is on the mirror of life, it comes from you.

Cupbearer, you gave my cup a dawn glow of blood and tears
If I am languorous the morrow of a night of revels, it comes from you.

It is with you that Galib takes refuge, great Mevlana,
The cap I wear with pride, it comes from you.

Translated by Bernard Lewis


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