Posted: 23 November 2011 in KARACAOGLAN
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Come, brothers, let’s stroll
At dawn the blue duck flew from the lake
She is dressed in red, with blossoms in her hair
In the morning she rose like the sun

No one can bear the light of her beauty
Does she have flesh or wings?
She can’t be bought for a paltry sum
In the morning she prances like a mare

My eyes linger on her white breasts
I breathe the thin air of love
When I see a beauty, I write down her name
In the morning she garnished my list

Karac’oğlan says your words are fine
You’re stately and tall as a queen
Your brows are like bows, your lashes arrows
In the morning they struck my heart

Translated by Seyfi Karabaş and Judith Yarnall


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