Posted: 12 November 2011 in GULTEN AKIN
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Autumn is here I am bleary-eyed and blind.
Autumn is here I know my hair is falling out.
They say I was born in the highland beyond the seas.
I feel its ups and downs in my knees.

The gazelle descended into the streams, my beloved.
The fight is over. Hang your rifle on the wall.
The kingdom of the hearth has arrived. Take your hatchet
From the corner, go to the forest. Kiss our children.

Those down below raise their kites into the sky –
The weather is right –
Down there children can read, but I am blind.
Their books and newspapers smell good.
I should come down to smell and feel them.

Ah, my beloved, I am tied down here,
Blind and old at the age of thirty.
Take the children and go down,
I want them to see everything.

Autumn is here, my beloved, you’re free to go,
But I am blind, I’ve never gone beyond the stream.
I remember how we slaved all summer long,
But the potatoes couldn’t even buy a piece of cloth.

Go and ask: Are we counted as human, are we in the census book?
I am blind, we’re old, but have the children registered.
Take the potatoes to the buyer for twenty-fivekuruş,
On the way back sing a thousand songs to the donkey.

For the things of this world one must have the world’s money.
You eked out a pitiful twenty-five liras from the land.
Buy our shroud, don’t forget the soap and the scrubber,
Reserve a bit of paradise with the money for the Hoja.

I’ll die this autumn, I’ve finished all my chores.
I’ve washed in the stream, climbed the walnut tree and scared away the birds.
I was kidnapped, gave birth to twelve children, swaddled and tended.
I married sons, raised daughters and reached the age of thirty.

Don’t tell me, “Don’t cry, girl,” I will be angry.
I’ll not cry, let the mountains and rocks cry.
I am blind, weak, worn-out and diseased.
Where can I find those who caused this?
Let the birds who feel more human than humans cry.


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