Posted: 10 November 2011 in CAHIT ZARIFOGLU
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we are a nation of artists
death comes suddenly to all of us

we eat, we leave the table
grateful for God’s love and bounty
we leave the table, scimitar in hand,
before we kill intimate friends and foes
we must wash our hands first, this is a must
we must brush our teeth first, this is also a must
to do otherwise would be sacrilege

Translated by Mevlut Ceylan

Cahit Zarifoğlu was born in Ankara in 1940 and graduated from the Department of German Language and Literature at Istanbul University in 1971. He worked as translator and secretary for TRT. He published and established two monthly magazines: Angle in 1962 and Mavera in 1976. He won an award for his children’s books from the Writers Union of Turkey. He died in İstanbul in 1987. He has written several children’s stories including: Serçekuş/Sparrow, Katıraslan/The Lion and the Fox, Ağaçkakanlar/Woodpeckers, Yürekdede ile Padişah/Grandpa Compassion and the Sultan, Gülücük/The Smile, Ağaç Okul/The Tree-School, Küçük Şehzade/Little Prince, Motorlu Kuş/The Bird with an Engine, Kuşların Dili/Language of the Birds. Novels: Savaş Ritimleri/War Rhythms, Anne/Mother. He has also published a number of poetry collections: İşaret Çocukları/Sign Children, Yedi Güzel Adam/Seven Beautiful Men, Menziller/Halting Places, Korku ve Yakarış/Fear and Prayer. He has furthermore written two books of essays: Değirmendir Bu Dünya/This World is a Mill, Zengin Hayâller Peşinde/In Search of Rich Dreams, a.diary, Yaşamak/To Live, and a play: Sütçü İmam.


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