Posted: 14 September 2011 in ILAHE
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How does a day go by?
Sun wakes from East, smiling,
Picking the brightest, yellow color from the closet
Putting it on, twittering.
He is aware, this is what suits him!
He will travel the world today, too,
Lightening the darkness,
Will awake the ones in the darkness.
He begins his journey from East,
He will sweat blood by the time he will reach west,
The darkness will not be lightened today, either!
He will battle,
Set in sweat’n’blood.
At the very first window he goes by,
A body accustomed to betrayal,
Opens his bed with his hands returning from a new murder,
Gazing on the bed!
The eyes he gazed,
The brains he messed up,
The ear he whispered lies in are decorating his bed.
Gazing, smiling…
Revenge of the night shall be taken from the day!
One shall sleep!
Lies down on whatever he left unfinished,
And this is not hurting him.
He reckons what he has done is right,
Conscious forsakes him.
Sun cannot believe his eyes,
He forsakes after conscious.
Afraid of looking into another window,
A child smiles at his face,
Waves, invites in house.
Every in the house is happy for seeing the sun,
Grateful for having the sun dazzled them today, as well.
The drunk throws a rock at the sun from his balcony,
Shooing him away from the sky, revolting!
Slides in from a window where he hears the “Allah” sounds,
Holding his head bled by the rock with his hand,
Petrified hearts are hurting him!
‘Allah’ says the host,
Prostrating, weeping.
Sun is rejoicing!
Who is the one holding five billion hands at the same time,
Who is the one beating in five billion hearts at the same time,
This man knows!
Cherishing Allah.
Praying for five billion times.
Sun is speeding up towards west,
Closing his eyes, he cannot take a look…
His ears are defeated by the sounds of war…
Arrives at west at his most exhausted state
Setting in sweat’n’blod today, too!
The sky turns scarlet,
Sun is ashamed of what he has seen…
Only west witnesses this…
A day goes by like this.!/yazar.Ilaha


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