Posted: 21 March 2011 in ASIK VEYSEL


Don’t look down on me, my brother
You’re the gold, so am I then the bronze?
We come to exist from the same existence
You are the silver, so am I then the sheet?

Whatever exists with you and me
The same existence is in every body
When headed for the graven tomorrow
You are full, am I then hungry?

Some are Mullahs, some Dervishes
Whatever God gave to us
Some might gather up the bee and flower
You are the honey, so am I than the unusable grain?

All of bodies are from the earth
Kill your self-esteem before dying
The creator seems to have commanded like this
You are the pen, so am I then the nib?

Veysel is in love with nature
We became brotherly from the earth
We are the same passenger, fellow traveler
You are the traveller, so am I then the toll?

Beni hor görme kardaşım
Sen altınsın ben tunç muyum
Aynı vardan varolmuşuz
Sen gümüşsün ben sac mıyım?

Ne varise sende bende
Aynı varlık her bedende
Yarın mezara girende
Sen toksun da ben aç mıyım?

Kimi molla kimi derviş
Allah bize neler vermiş
Kimi arı çiçek dermiş
Sen balsın da ben çeç miyim?

Topraktandır cümle beden
Nefsini öldür ölmeden
Böyle emretmiş yaradan
Sen kalemsin ben uç muyum?

Tabiata Veysel aşık
Topraktan olduk kardaşık
Aynı yolcuyuz yoldaşık
Sen yolcusun ben baç mıyım?

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